Pilot Area: Härmälä - © Juho Rinta-Rahko

Effective energy planning

Cooperation between building owners and authorities is key for the identification and implementation of tailored district energy solutions

Pilot Area: Härmälä - © Juho Rinta-Rahko

Energy efficient multi-family units

Support for meaningful renovations and use of demand-response management solutions

Pilot Area: Härmälä - © Juho Rinta-Rahko

Transition to renewable energy production in districts

Use of geothermal systems for the heating supply of single detached houses

Tampere city has a population of 230,000 inhabitants and is located in central Finland. The pilot area Härmälä is situated three kilometers south of the city center. Härmälä can be considered a “miniature version” of the whole city of Tampere with regard to ownership structures and the share of different functions. It comprises areas with newly constructed and older multi-family blocks, areas with older detached houses as well as industrial uses. Each part of the district is characterised by specific functions and needs when it comes to energy efficiency planning.