Pilot Area: St. Petersburg, Polytechnic - © SPbPU

High quality of life in an energy efficient University Campus

Supporting energy efficient improvements in soft landscaped and built-up areas

Pilot Area: St. Petersburg, Polytechnic - © SPbPU

Innovative University Campus

Using new digital solutions for energy efficiency measurements and decision-making processes

Pilot Area: St. Petersburg, Polytechnic - © SPbPU

Conscious energy consumption

Promotion of a meaningful mix of incentives and energy saving measures for reducing energy demand

The Campus of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is located in Kalinksky District, which is situated in the north-east of St. Petersburg and has a population of 535,000 inhabitants. Within Kalinsky District, five connected, yet relatively isolated campus sites form the Energy Improvement District. The vast majority of residents are students living in temporary dormitories, yet the area houses a variety of additional university functions. It is connected to the city centre with different metro and bus lines.

Pilot Area Outputs

  • Outputs will be published soon