Pilot Area: Wieniawa - © Lublin City Office

Conscious energy consumption in the heart of Lublin

Building on social capital to reduce the current energy demand and improve efficiency in the existing building stock

Pilot Area: Wieniawa - © Lublin City Office

Energy efficient building structures

Development of modern housing with a higher environmental performance to improve quality of life of residents

Pilot Area: Wieniawa - © Lublin City Office

Environmentally focused research and innovative problem solving

Harnessing the potential of educational and scientific institutions to support the green energy transition

Wieniawa District is located in the central part of Lublin City, the largest city in eastern Poland with a population of 345,000 inhabitants. The District comprises mainly residential and educational uses and benefits from major green spaces and connectivity to the city by public transport and main streets. Most of the buildings in the area were established between 1945-1999, and only a small share of the building stock has undergone renovations to meet modern energy standards. Climatic conditions and installation potential in the District provides the opportunity to include renewable energy production and technologies to serve the existing building stock.