Pilot Area: Kohtla-Järve - © Igor Parv

Higher energy efficiency in valuable historic buildings

Improvement of technical conditions and preservation of the buildings’ historical value and character

Pilot Area: Kohtla-Järve - © Igor Parv

Better quality of life in residential areas

Integration of sectoral approaches for improvement of the environmental standards in the area

Pilot Area: Kohtla-Järve - © Igor Parv

Developing awareness for the topic of energy efficiency

Promotion of behavioural change through the application of new ICT-solutions and information campaigns for energy saving

The city of Kohtla-Järve has a population of 35,000 inhabitants. It is situated in the north-eastern part of Estonia and is known for its chemical industry. The city has a unique settlement layout, comprising four individual districts that are scattered across the landscape. The pilot area in Kohtla-Järve is located in the central district of Järve and is characterised by post 1945 buildings for residential use and public uses such as a school, kindergartens, a library and the Centre of Culture.