Join our Workshop: Strategic Energy Planning in Urban Districts - International Good Practices and Future Policy Perspectives

You are interested in new approaches to cooperative district-level energy planning? You want to learn more about how policies could be improved to foster the local energy transition? AREA 21 ...
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Learn more about how AREA 21 promotes the use of smart technologies to facilitate the energy planning process

AREA 21 develops the Energy Improvement District (EID) concept, an innovative system approach for low emission urban districts. Digital tools are an inherent part of this EID concept ...
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AREA 21 Partner Meeting in Hamburg: How do education campaigns and new technologies contribute to energy efficiency?

AREA 21 gathered for its combined project meeting and study visit at a sustainability education center in the heart of Wandsbek District, north of Hamburg. The center facilitates community programs to ...
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Online energy benchmarking tool launched in Kohtla-Järve, Estonia

The Kohtla-Järve City Government and the Tartu Regional Energy Agency launched an online energy benchmarking tool for housing called “Energiamonitor”. The tool stores, calculates and analyses a building’s energy consumption and costs, which informs ...
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Visioning for Wieniawa EID, Lublin: Alignment of different perspectives along common goals

On the 24th April 2019, representatives of housing cooperatives, enterprises, NGOs, educational institutions and other interested entities operating in Wieniawa District in Lublin, convened to discuss the ...
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Kick-off event for the "Integrated climate protection concept for Wandsbek"

Hamburg has been engaged in climate protection initiatives for many years now and is very aware of its global responsibility as a major city. Its declared goal: Hamburg is to become a Climate Smart City. With this in mind, the Hamburg Climate Plan includes ...
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An AREA 21 Report on Good Practice ICT tools in Energy Planning

How can new technologies support the involvement of building owners and users in energy planning processes? And, which technologies for energy monitoring are available on the market and bring significant change in energy consumption patterns?
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Urban energy efficiency and consumer habits: the case of Wieniawa (Lublin City, Poland)

A study of the AREA 21 partners from Lublin about heat and electricity consumption habits in the local Energy Improvement District reveals interesting results and points at potentials for improved efficiency – in particular when it comes to heat consumption. In the district ...
AREA 21 Visit to Tampere and its Inspiring Energy Efficient Districts© AREA 21

AREA 21 Visit to Tampere and its Inspiring Energy Efficient Districts

AREA 21 representatives from the cities of Hamburg, Helsingborg, Kohtla-Järve, Lublin, St. Petersburg and Tartu came together for their mid-term project meeting in Tampere, Finland, from 11-13 March 2019. The meeting provided a lively platform for AREA 21 project discussions on stakeholder ...