“EcoGen Cup”: Incentivising end-users in the St Petersburg Energy Improvement District

At the campus of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, one of our seven EIDs, a live session of the “EcoGen Cup” competition gathered 37 students in ten teams competing for the best energy efficiency solutions for the EID. The groups analysed the EID’s energy consumption status quo and developed […]

18th ed. of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia: Strategic Energy Planning in Urban Districts

AREA 21 co-chaired a session at the “Strategy Forum” which took place in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since 2002, the conference has been organized annually and has brought together more than 1000 delegates from different countries. At the Forum, ...

Beyond AREA 21: Smart district heating reduces the carbon footprint and costs of buildings in Tampere

In Tampere, residential buildings can reduce their energy consumption by focusing on district heating and harnessing artificial intelligence. Residential buildings of the Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) have achieved savings of up to ...
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Busy times in Lublin - integrated energy planning took leaps forward

As one of the main outputs of the AREA 21 project local strategies for Energy Improvement Districts (EID) including concrete Action Plans will be developed. It will support the partner cities and regions to create synergies on the district level. Actors involved in local energy ...

Join our Workshop: Strategic Energy Planning in Urban Districts - International Good Practices and Future Policy Perspectives

You are interested in new approaches to cooperative district-level energy planning? You want to learn more about how policies could be improved to foster the local energy transition? AREA 21 ...
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Learn more about how AREA 21 promotes the use of smart technologies to facilitate the energy planning process

AREA 21 develops the Energy Improvement District (EID) concept, an innovative system approach for low emission urban districts. Digital tools are an inherent part of this EID concept ...
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AREA 21 Partner Meeting in Hamburg: How do education campaigns and new technologies contribute to energy efficiency?

AREA 21 gathered for its combined project meeting and study visit at a sustainability education center in the heart of Wandsbek District, north of Hamburg. The center facilitates community programs to ...
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Online energy benchmarking tool launched in Kohtla-Järve, Estonia

The Kohtla-Järve City Government and the Tartu Regional Energy Agency launched an online energy benchmarking tool for housing called “Energiamonitor”. The tool stores, calculates and analyses a building’s energy consumption and costs, which informs ...
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Visioning for Wieniawa EID, Lublin: Alignment of different perspectives along common goals

On the 24th April 2019, representatives of housing cooperatives, enterprises, NGOs, educational institutions and other interested entities operating in Wieniawa District in Lublin, convened to discuss the ...