EUSBSR Flagship Status for AREA 21

As a frequent visitor of the AREA 21 website, you might have spotted a new logo on the landing page: The EUSBSR flagship stamp. We are proud to announce that the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) has just awarded the project so-called flagship status. This means that AREA 21 and the EID concept are considered particularly effective instruments for the region’s energy goals [...]

How AREA 21 and other cooperation projects contribute to the energy transition

AREA 21 and AREA 21 + action are just two of several projects in the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme targeting the energy transition, i.e. the shift to renewable energy production and sustainable consumption and management of energy. In a recent article, introduces AREA 21 and how the project developed and implemented a novel concept for low emission urban districts: the Energy Improvement Districts [...]

New Article in Sustainability 12/2020: Stakeholder Collaboration in Energy Transition: Experiences from Urban Testbeds in the Baltic Sea Region

We proudly present a scientific paper providing evidence of successful multi-stakeholder collaborationon using AREA 21 pilot areas as cases. Energy-efficiency improvement measures for existing building stock are vital for reaching EU climate mitigation and energy targets, especially in urban areas, which [...]

Register now: On 15 December (09:30 CET) AREA 21 + action will join UBC TALKS about low carbon energy solutions in cities

The webinar "UBC TALKS about low carbon energy solutions in cities" will be held on 15 December 2020. It will put together low carbon energy solutions in cities showcasing examples from the Baltic Sea region. As a part of the webinar, the AREA 21 + action will present interesting case examples developed in the previous and on-going project timeline for energy efficiency. [...]

AREA 21 + action is picking up speed!

The Extension Stage of AREA 21, AREA 21 + action, has officially started on 01 October 2020. Area 21 + Action will strengthen cooperative energy planning at the local level based on the concept of "Energy Improvement Districts" developed in AREA 21. A good news is that the Subsidy Contract has been signed with the programme authorities and the preparation of the partnership agreement is in progress. To get the ball rolling, AREA 21 + action has organized a [...]

What is an Energy Improvement District? Watch with us!

We have released a new video on what an Energy Improvement District is and why it is important at a city or region level. The video illustrates the three main phases (planning, implementation and execution) associated in realizing the EIDs and the involvement of various stakeholders at various phases in achieving energy efficiency. To know more about the whys and the hows of the EID concept, watch our new video: [...]

Follow-up project approved: “AREA 21” becomes “AREA 21 + action” to capitalise and institutionalise results

While AREA 21 ends on 31 September, we are proud to announce that the work in the Energy Improvement Districts will continue. With AREA 21 + action, a one-year follow-up project has been approved, starting from 01 October. The main aims of the new project are to capitalise AREA 21 results and to institutionalise the [...]

Solution for oil-based building heating systems in Tampere under AREA 21

The pilot area Härmälä in Tampere, Finland, that is contributing to fulfill the city-wide vision to become carbon neutral by 2030. The team has developed an operating model for the replacement of oil-based heating systems in residential buildings. This will not only reduce oil consumption, but also have a significant impact on the overall greenhouse gas emissions in the city [...]

Save the date: Energy District Webinars and Resources - Tools and guidance for integrated district-level energy planning

AREA 21 invites you to learn more about its main results! Save the date for three webinars in September. We will learn and discuss about collaborative district level energy planning, related policy barriers and perspectives and how ICT tools can support this process. We are looking forward to seeing you on the following dates: [...]