The Holistic System Tool, also referred to as “Energy application from TAMK” (ENAP), is an application for monitoring and analyzing real time electricity and domestic water consumption and indoor conditions, in apartments and single-family houses. ENAP will be used by Energy Improvement Districts (EID) to raise residents’ awareness of their energy and domestic water consumption ,  habits, and to trigger changes to reduce use.

  • Users (i.e. apartment or single-family house owners or tenants) can easily monitor their real time energy and domestic water consumption and indoor conditions via ENAP. The tool is based on individual electricity meters, hot and cold water meters and indoor condition sensors. The tool visualizes real time data in trend line graphs.
  • As an instructional feature, the trend lines change colour depending on measurement results (e.g. rising electricity consumption changes colour from green via yellow to red). The application calculates consumption in weekly intervals, as well as the total ongoing amount, and total amount since the beginning of the monitoring period.
  • In addition to electricity and domestic water consumption, the application presents indoor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels with the similar graphs and coloured trend lines. A feedback channel is available on the tool for questions related to energy consumption, indoor conditions and application specific questions.

ENAP is adopted  in the AREA21 project to pioneer district-level cooperative energy planning processes and to involve, and activate, energy end-users in urban district regeneration. The main goal is to raise individual knowledge about energy consumption and foster behavioural change of users. Once a statistically valid amount of tool numbers is achieved, also pending available shared data, the tool could provide district stakeholders with more evidence-based energy planning, system maintenance planning and targeted energy education of users.

The AREA 21 partner Tampere University of Applied Sciences, is developing and testing the tool in apartment houses in Tampere (Finland). To learn more about the tool, please check these presentation slides. A demonstration version with limited functions is available at: To preview the demonstration,, click the button at the top right hand corner and use the following credentials:, password: AREA21