The benchmarking tool “Energiamonitor“ is an application for monitoring, analysing and reducing energy consumption in buildings. The tool contributes to the Energy Improvement District (EID) concept in a twofold way: Firstly, by visualising consumption data for individual users, the tool activates end-users to reflect their energy consumption habits. Secondly, if applied to a critical number of dwellings and buildings in a given neighbourhood, the data generated by the tool allows drawing conclusions for district-level approaches to energy planning.

  • Users – be it building owners, facility managers and tenants – can easily discover recommendations and tips for reducing energy consumption and saving money by entering electricity, heating and water heating data of their dwelling and apartment. The tool has several features: Firstly, it allows monitoring energy consumption and energy efficiency with vivid graphs. Secondly, the application offers the ability to calculate the current energy label of the buildings and to compare and share the energy-related reports of the individual dwellings. Thirdly, the tool features a built-in solution to seek advice from energy experts regarding the potential of possible renovations solutions. The reference values are set according to the Estonian regulations and standards.
  • The benchmarking tool supports the efforts of AREA 21 to pioneer district-level energy planning processes and to involve energy end-users in these processes. Once a statistically solid number of dwellings in an Energy Improvement District is equipped with the tool, stakeholders of the district can use the data provided by the tool to allow for more evidence-based decision-making.

The application is being developed by the AREA 21 partner Tartu Regional Energy Agency and will be tested in Tartu (Estonia), Kohtla-Järve (Estonia) and Lublin (Poland). To learn more about the application, please check these presentation slides. Energiamonitor is available under the following link: