AREA 21 and AREA 21 + action are just two of several projects in the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme targeting the energy transition, i.e. the shift to renewable energy production and sustainable consumption and management of energy. In a recent article, introduces AREA 21 and how the project developed and implemented a novel concept for low emission urban districts: the Energy Improvement Districts (EID). As Jonas Fischer, Research Assistant at HCU, says in the article:

“We are lagging vastly behind the EU targets for energy transition and cities and their urban structures have a crucial role in this. AREA 21 and its extension phase project are focusing on tackling this issue by cross-sectoral stakeholder participation at the district level and decreasing the overall energy consumption thanks to tailored-based strategies. […] The practical aspect of the project was developing and testing this Energy Improvement Districts concept, case by case, at the local level.”

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