AREA 21 develops the Energy Improvement District (EID) concept, an innovative system approach for low emission urban districts. The EID model promotes cooperative energy planning and facilitates the pooling of competences, ideas and activities between all stakeholders involved in the process (i.e. tenants, owners, utilities or administrative stakeholders).

An inherent part of this EID concept is the development and implementation of digital tools. With these tools, AREA 21 aims at facilitating energy planning processes, test new forms of public participation and raise awareness about individual energy consumption patterns. The tools provide incentives for property owners and users to test innovative energy efficiency solutions, to lower their energy consumption and thus to contribute to the local energy transformation.

All tools are in their final development stage and currently undergo a thorough testing process and are expected to go live towards the end of the year. Our newly developed sub-sections of the website provides further information about the different tools and (in case of “Energiamonitor” and the Holistic System Tool) are already online and freely accessible.