AREA 21 partners will come together from the 11th – 13th March 2019 for their fourth international project meeting in Tampere, Finland. The event provides another valuable opportunity for partners to be inspired and flourish in their ideas through the collective exchange of progress reports about the development of their EID.

On the day of arrival the project partners are invited to join an orientation walking tour of the Tampere pilot area, Härmälä, and visit buildings with a newly installed Holistic System ICT device.

The first official day of meeting proceedings will be opened by the City of Tampere’s Director of Environment and Development, Kari Kankaala, and Timo Parkkinen, Director of the School of Construction and Environmental Engineering at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. As an introduction to the host city, partners will learn about district heating and demand-response solutions used in the city of Tampere and the Carbon Neutral Tampere 2030 strategy, and will undertake a study visit to Hiedanranta district for insights about the Biochar plant Carbofex and vertical farming.

The afternoon session will be led by HafenCity University Hamburg as the lead project partner, providing overall project progress updates. Following an interactive discussion on EID concept development, partners will be presented with an overview of AREA 21 developed new ICT Tools, including the Benchmarking Tool, Holistic System Tool and the Energy Improvement Cycle Tool. The tool showcase will be complemented by a guest presentation by Tuomas Vanhanen, from the City of Tampere about the “Energy Wise Cities” project. Partners will also be provided with a framework on how energy planning tools can be tested and piloted with feedback, training, and replicability, complemented with peer to peer partner mentoring.

The second day of the event will continue with a full program, opening with further group discussions between partners and a second study visit and walking tour to introduce partners to the urban development site Tammela. The afternoon session will provide partners with a final round of open discussions to exchange ideas about local cooperation processes, with inputs about transnational learning and communication, upcoming activities in partner cities, project steering committee meeting, project finance, reporting and management.


Date(s) – 11/03/2019 – 13/03/2019
17.30 – 21.00, 8:30 – 21.00, 9.30 – 18.00

Location: Hotel Torni, Tampere